12 Degrees

Project Description

White rum for vodka drinkers!
12 Degrees
Is a Light Rum with a hint of sweetness that goes way almost before you notice it. This rum has been doubled distilled and then aged in plain oak casks for a period of two years to achieve a smooth and mellow balance. The rum is then diluted with natural spring water and charcoal filtered to remove any colour or flavours gained from aging in the casks.
The result is a light bodied, crystal clear rum with very little congeners and flavour characteristics, making it ideal for mixing with just about any popular mixer. Ideal for mixing with fruit juices when a refreshing drink is required.
This product clearly speaks to the feminine side of the spirits market, but will also appeal to the trendy youthful consumer that is mindful of present trends and enjoys light spirits blended with their favourite mixer of fruit juice or soft drink.
This is Clearly the Right choice in clear spirits.

2012 – San Francisco World Spirits Competition;
12 Degrees Rum: SILVER MEDAL (White Rum Category)

2012 – Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival Grenada;
Westerhall 12 Degrees: GOLD (White Rum Category)

2013 – Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival Grenada;

2015 – Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival
Westerhall 12 Degrees Rum: Silver (White Rum Category)

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